The Tango Gold Mandarin, one of the most protected in the world

The bee-friendly mandarin

The Tango Gold mandarin is a certified mandarin variety that has a very thin skin that adheres to the flesh, has an intense flavour and a high juice content. It is an intense orange colour and totally seedless. This variety of mandarin, which is the latest to be harvested in Italy, starts to ripen in January but can remain attached to the plant until the start of the spring. This allows the production schedule to be extended until April, in more advantageous market segments. Very important is the fact that it is a fruit with sterile flowers, which therefore does not pollinate and does not undergo pollination. This allows a peaceful coexistence with bees and does not force growers to intervene with nets or pesticides.

Mandarino Tango Gold

Mandarin properties

Nutritional properties of mandarin

Unifruit and the Tango Italy consortium

Unifruit joined the Tango Italy consortium formed in 2019 that groups together all producers of the Tango Gold mandarin variety, with the mission of offering a product with unique characteristics in terms of quality and environmental sustainability.

The Club is committed to high quality standards in terms of Brix value, organoleptic properties and aesthetic qualities.

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