Unifruit farm

Unifruit is an all-Italian company that cultivates canary melons together with other fruit and vegetable products typical of southern Italy and the Metaponto area, in Basilicata.

In addition to producing fruit and vegetables, it is also involved in the wholesale marketing of fruit and vegetables, and distributes products via an efficient national and international transport network.

For several decades, it has been a point of reference for fruit and vegetable buyers and wholesalers who are looking for genuine Made in Italy produce and being one of the leading exporters of Italian agri-food products of excellence makes the entire Team extremely proud.

The Rillo canary melon and other fruit and vegetable products that are grown and distributed by the Unifruit group, such as strawberries, citrus fruit, vegetables and greens, are in great demand in Germany, France and Holland as well as in Italy.

Azienda agricola - Unifruit

The company today

It was in the 1960s when Antonio Condoluci started his wholesale fruit and vegetable business. After moving to the Metaponto area from nearby Calabria, he planted the first seed of what was to become the Azienda Agricola Condoluci (Condoluci farm) now known as Unifruit.

Over the years, Antonio Condoluci, with his flair for business and skill as a trader, was able to pass on his passion for his work, tradition and love of the land to his family.

The farm, as we know it today, was founded in 2009 by Angelo Condoluci. The goal shared by everyone is explained by Angelo Condoluci himself, who states:

We guarantee a high quality product, providing experience, care and passion in everything we do. We want to offer our customers the quality and taste that the end consumer deserves to put on the table.

Since 2009, the project has been growing firstly thanks to the passion for the cultivation of canary melons and, more generally, for the fruit and vegetables typical of the area.

This led to the creation of the division dedicated to the direct production of marketed crops, which is also responsible for the study, research and testing required to obtain new products of superior quality.



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