Agriculture, a gesture of love

Paying attention to natural processes, to the complexity and the local specificity of ecosystems through agriculture is a gesture of love because it means taking care of, preserving, enhancing and defending the environment that hosts us, giving us sustenance and health, but not only.

Indeed, looking to the past to draw on the ancient knowledge of rural culture is our duty just as much as looking to the future, innovating and experimenting with new technologies that allow us to achieve truly sustainable agriculture.

Agricoltura e api
nuove tecnologie in agricoltura

"We combine traditional strategies with Agriculture 4.0”

We have chosen to invest in state-of-the-art agricultural technologies aimed at improving the yield and sustainability of agricultural activity, production quality and the environmental impact of the entire food chain.

The innovation introduced translates into the field with the acquisition of new “intelligent” tractors and advanced irrigation systems fitted with sensors capable of calculating the water requirements of our crops, allowing us to avoid wasting water. We can also monitor temperature, leaf moisture and lymphatic flow, all the characteristics that the soil must have for optimal production.

New technologies have also been introduced in the warehouse, with the latest generation automatic sorting line that allows us to select the required parameters such as weight and shape, making each step scrupulously accurate. The new calibration system checks for the smallest defect and makes our product superior in quality.