filiera Rillo, il melone giallo.

The Rillo canary melon production chain: a journey of passion

The Unifruit farm follows the entire production chain of the Rillo canary melon and is on hand and focused at every stage, without overlooking the slightest detail, from the choice of land to its cultivation, right up to harvesting and the distribution of the fruit.

Soil selection and plantation

One of the priorities for Unifruit is to select the best soils to cultivate the plants based on the crop rotation cycle. Consideration is always given to biodiversity and the surrounding environment. The process of choosing the best soils for planting involves searching for a fine-grained topsoil with refined peat and high drainage. 

To obtain a highly productive yield, it is necessary to pay attention to the varietal selection and transplanting. Our trusted nurseries select the best plants, which are then staged in temperature-controlled environments to avoid a thermal shock. The plants are then transplanted in open fields or in tunnel greenhouses. Assuring the comfort of the plants and a consistent ripening process involves several key components: the soil microclimate, the use of sustainable techniques, a thoroughly monitored fertilization process and the professionalism of Unifruit’s collaborators. 

La filiera di rillo, il melone giallo
La filiera di rillo, la raccolta


Agronomists regularly working in production check the presence of a thin split at the peduncle joint, in addition to insuring that the fruit has a bright yellow colour and the peel is rough to the touch. These are the features for ripe fruits that are ready to be harvested.
The mellon is harvested during the coolest times of the day, when the dew is dry, but when the fruit is still warmed by the sun. During the harvest, a first selection is done, since each fruit has to meet specific shape and aspect criteria. 

Working and distribution

Yellow mellons that are transported to the company are submitted to a meticulous selection process. Using modern technology, production lines sort the fruit according to weight while discarding fruit that is unsuitable. After the sorting process is complete, the fruit is prepared for delivery to the market.

Unifruit’s mission is to bring to market the highest quality fruit that is beautiful to look at and that tastes great. 

To offer its clients a fresh and perfectly stored product, Unifruit partners with experts in the management of national and international refrigerated transportation. They monitor the entire supply chain to help ensure a flawless shipping service while preserving product freshness and timely delivery.


La filiera di rillo, lavorazione e distribuzione