We build relationships with our customers


We have been building relationships since 1950, and the strong commercial vocation handed down over the years has not only allowed us to be present in the national market, but also on the international market.

We export to Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Romania, England, Spain, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.

We work closely with buyers, guaranteeing them and the end customer our experience and the quality of our products.

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“We cultivate relationships of trust”

Unifruit is a farm run by a team that knows that today's customer is an increasingly informed consumer who is aware of the quality parameters that have to be considered in order to obtain superior quality products.

This is why, it was decided to work closely with buyers, offering the support that comes from decades of experience and guaranteeing them and the end customer the quality of the products.

Unifruit garantisce una fornitura costante ai suoi clienti, riuscendo a coprire un arco temporale esteso proprio grazie all’eccezionale microclima della zona e alla natura dei terreni che rendono possibile una produzione di alta qualità.

Unifruit guarantees a constant supply to its customers and is able to cover a long period of time thanks to the area's exceptional microclimate and the nature of the soil, which make high quality production possible
The commitment has always been to satisfy the requests of the major players in the agri-food sector and, today, Angelo Condoluci can confidently say that

We are able to meet the needs of different types of customers